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DEC 16th
5pm + 6:30pm
DEC 17th
8:30am + 10am + 11:30am

Christmas time was, and still is, a life-changing season for anyone who is searching for a Savior. So on December 16th and 17th Christmas at Connection weekend is going to be filled with songs and stories to remind of us of when the Savior of all mankind left heaven to bring salvation and hope to a sinful world.

DEC 3rd
8:30am 10am & 11:30am

Join us December 3rd for Jingle Jam. Jingle Jam is a wacky, tacky family event with a truth filled message; not just for kids, but for mom and dad too. You don’t want to miss this Connect Family day with Christmas photo ops, holiday popcorn, and the funnest Christmas party that’s big enough for the whole family.


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