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Connection Church launched in January 2007 as a new church plant in a rented store front with fewer than 20 people in attendance. By 2009, a second Sunday morning service was added to accommodate the growing crowds.

In August 2010, Connection moved into its second facility—this one on Third Street in downtown

Pikeville. The church experienced a great season of ministry and blessing during its nearly five years on Third Street.

In May 2015, Connection moved into its current location, in the former Mark V convention center in downtown Pikeville.

Our church has always been about connection. We exist to bridge the connection between people and God and the connection of people to one another. In our generation, it’s easy to hide behind screens and become disconnected and isolated—and that isn’t God’s desire for lives. His Word makes it clear that connection is important and should be sought after. This is the desire of God’s heart—and the desire of our hearts.

Connection Church is committed to leading people to know and grow in Jesus, find freedom, discover purpose, make a difference.  We know that we grow better together through connection with others.

God has used our ministry to impact the lives of many people in Pikeville and surrounding eastern Kentucky. Since the church was launched in 2007, it has seen over 1,000 people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! God has been faithful and gracious. We can't wait to see what He has planned for the future.

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