Connection exists to lead others to know  Jesus, find freedom, discover purpose, make a difference. But, what does that look like? Before someone can grow in his or her walk with Jesus, they have to first KNOW Him.  At Connection, we want to help introduce people to the real Jesus.  Here in the Bible Belt, it would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t know about Jesus.  Many people even go so far as to say they love Jesus. They grew up in church and now attend sometimes around Christmas and never miss an Easter service with their mom. They even cry during the Easter service.  They have a family Bible on their coffee tables with their kids’ birth certificates stuck in between the pages. From the outside looking in, Jesus may even seem to be a big part of their lives. But, when you look closer, their lives aren’t that different than anyone else’s.  That’s because knowing who Jesus is isn’t the same as knowing Him.  


At Connection, we know that there’s more to knowing Jesus than just knowing about Him.  And we know a true relationship with Jesus changes everything.  We know that with Jesus, anything is possible; that He’s bigger, better, more loving, and more gracious than you think.  We know that no matter who you’ve been and no matter what you’ve done, He loves YOU and is ready to meet you where you are.  We know that you don’t need to fix anything about yourself before you meet Him. He wants all of you—just like you are. And, if you’ll get to know Him, there's more joy and a peace available to you than you can even imagine.  


So, the first part of our mission at Connection Church is to lead others to know Jesus and experience Him.  But, we don’t stop there. Connection also exists to lead others to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Living things grow—and they grow better together, in connection with others.  Once you know Jesus, it is our mission to create an environment in which you can grow in relationship with Him through connection with others. That growth doesn’t just happen on Sundays.  We grow in relationship with Jesus throughout the week in our Connect Groups!